domenica 27 luglio 2008

Vegan Freak

Per chi conosce bene l'inglese, anzi l'"americano"... sintonizzatevi su
molte interviste, chiacchere e tanta musica post-punk!

Sul sito di riferimento di questa radio viene pubblicizzata The Definitive Guide to Going Vegan & Staying Vegan, ovvero:

About Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World

Questa la presentazione di questo prezioso manuale:

All of us who are vegan have at some time or another just felt like absolute outsiders in the places that we’re supposed to be the most comfortable… our homes, our jobs, and with our friends and families. Though most vegans are likely not any “freakier” than your average person, the simple and compassionate act of denying animal products for ethical reasons can literally make you into the weirdo at the dinner table, or in other social and personal contexts.”

Sometimes being vegan is harder than it should be. Our book helps you to live well as a vegan, whether you’re a new vegan or you’ve been vegan for years. Often, being true to your ethics is actually the easiest part of veganism. What’s hard is dealing with the rest of the world, which is inherently set up to cater to the needs of omnivores.

In writing this book, we’ve worked hard to give you plenty of real-world examples and advice for dealing with the rest of the world. Our book helps you to cope with the changes in your life that come with living as a vegan.

On top of all of that, you’ll know how to respond to people when they ask you where you’re going to get your protein, or why you don’t care about “plant rights.”

La pubblicazione esplora tutti i possibili aspetti di un vegan lifestyle, quindi non solo alimentazione, non solo una sezione sui diritti degli animali o consigli su come relazionarsi con parenti e amici o sui migliori ristoranti vegan, ma si spinge dove nessuna altra guida vegan si è mai addentrata (parole degli autori): il capitolo su sex toys, pleather e altri "giocattoli" per adulti aiuta a districarsi in un campo ancora poco conosciuto. Fare sesso senza tradire la propria etica, questa è davvero una novità per noi.... (a proposito, il capitolo si chiama Don’t Read This Section if You’re Under 18)

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